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4 advantages of water purifiers

In the past, tap water was the main source of people's daily drinking water. However, with the rapid development of social industry, the problem of water pollution has become more and more serious, and major news media have reported that heavy metals and residual chlorine in tap water in various regions endanger our bodies.

The popularity of bottled water and drinking fountains in the past few years has also improved human drinking water health to a certain extent. However, the production process and the exposure of secondary pollution have gradually made us lose confidence in bottled water. Now more and more people have put their drinking water health on the water purifier, so the water purifier has become the new favorite of home appliances.

What are the benefits of using water purifiers, which may not be known to all consumers, water purification experts will tell you the advantages of household water purifiers:

1. Low cost

Now the water purifiers on the market are estimated to be quoted at about a thousand yuan. If you compare a water purifier with bottled water, a water purifier can save nearly 1,000 yuan in water costs a year.

2. Treat secondary pollution of tap water
After the tap water is disinfected, although it can kill most bacteria and viruses, it cannot remove heavy metals and some transpiration substances in the water. Treatment of tap water transportation suffered secondary pollution. Although boiled tap water will be relatively better.

3. Bento, safety, health
The water purifier is directly installed on the tap water pipe. After filtering through PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon and (RO reverse osmosis membrane) ultrafiltration membrane, it can reach the standard of direct drinking. The taste is also much better, and the cooked rice and soup cooked at home are also more delicious.

4. Instead of bottled water
Now many companies and families are drinking bottled water. The price of a barrel of bottled water is about 8 to 15 yuan, and some are more expensive, and this kind of bottled water is also processed by water purifiers or pure water machines. Therefore, bottled water is not a healthy drinking plan, and a water purifier can completely avoid these doubts.

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