Drinking fountain use precautions


 1. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced b […]

 1. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by our company, a designated after-sales service shop or a professional from a similar department.

2. The purified energy-saving water dispenser should be powered by a dedicated power line and provide an all-pole disconnect device (leakage switch) with a contact of not less than 3 mm.

3. During the heating and heating, the one-way safety valve has drops of water, which is normal.

4. Do not disassemble the internal electrical components of the energy-saving water dispenser at will, so as not to damage the energy-saving water dispenser or cause burns.

5. When opening or closing the faucet, do not aim at the water outlet to avoid burns.

6. When the energy-saving water dispenser has ice plugs in cold winters or areas that are prone to freezing, please move the energy-saving water dispenser indoors or in a place with high temperature. After the ice is slowly melted, it can be used normally. Even if the electricity is turned on within fifteen hours after the ice jam, the energy-saving water dispenser is not dangerous, but there is no water to drink.

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