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Function of filter element

1. Polypropylene Spray-Solution Filter (PPF)
Function of filter element: remove sediment, rust, algae and other solid substances in water.
2. Softening Resin Filter Core
Function of filter core: Softening filter core adsorbs heavy metals and redundant cations such as calcium and magnesium in raw water, softening hard water, anion exchange resin can only exchange anions, but can not exchange cations. Ion exchange resin can significantly reduce the hardness of water, reduce the precipitation of metal ions in human body, reduce the probability of human stones, and solve problems. Scale problem, and improve the taste of water, it can be regularly put in 6-10% sodium chloride (potassium chloride) solution that is regenerated.
3. Granular Activated Carbon Filter (UDF)
Function of filter element: removing residual chlorine, odor and solid impurities in water
4. Compressed activated carbon filter (CTO)
Function of filter element: further remove residual chlorine, odor and solid impurities in water.

5. Ultrafiltration Membrane Filtration (UF)
Function of filter element: remove sediment, rust, suspended matter, colloid and macromolecule organic matter in water.
6. Maifanshi ceramic ball filter
Function of filter element: Maifanshi ceramic ball contains more than 30 trace elements which are beneficial to human body, such as selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium and calcium. The starting wave of these elements and the starting wave of human cells are in the same state of fluctuation. Human cells resonate and resonate with the wave emitted from germanium stone, making human body. Cell tissue is more active, and promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and enters the body to remove waste.
7. Far Infrared Mineralization Ball Filter
Function of filter core: Infrared activated mineralized sphere has high infrared emissivity and high water absorption. It can fully release more than twenty essential trace elements such as zinc, lithium, iodine and selenium in purified water slowly and evenly, so that activated water contains more beneficial minerals. New antimicrobial materials without heavy metals are used. To achieve bacteriostasis function, the antimicrobial effect is more safe and long-term.

8. Energy filter
Function of filter core: nanometer high-energy material produced by high-tech technology, with functions of activation, mineralization, weak alkalization, purification, ionization, oxidation resistance, negative potential, detoxification, antimicrobial, sterilization, etc. The spindle filter core of energy-free water machine integrates small water molecular groups, ionization, negative potential to resist free radicals and is rich. Mineral water containing various trace elements has a mineral absorption rate of about 70%-90%. Because of its strong activity and persistence, its solubility, permeability, diffusivity, emulsifying power and washing power are relatively strong, its taste is sweet and electrolyte is abundant. It has a longer storage time than the mineral water sold on the market, and its water quality is unparalleled.
9. RO
Function of filter element: The filter precision is 0.0001 micron, which can remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions and radioactive substances in water most effectively. The crystal purified by this device is clear and sweet glycol. Water quality filtered by RO membrane can remove all beneficial and harmful substances in tap water, basically only water molecules, so it is called "pure water". Pure water is recognized as the safest water in the world, but it is not necessarily the healthiest water. However, in order to supplement the micronutrients needed by human body, reverse osmosis without electricity can be used. Water appliances not only improve the taste, but also supplement trace elements appropriately. No scientific research can prove that drinking pure water for a long time has side effects on the body.
10. Small T33 (Post Activated Carbon)
Function of filter element: It can improve the taste of water better.
11. Activated carbon fiber (ACF) is finer than granular activated carbon (PAC). Its filtration effect is improved and the flow rate of treated water is larger.

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