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How to use the water dispenser correctly?

But some people even know the fact that the water dispenser can't be turned on, but they gladly accept it, because they feel that the water dispenser is too convenient, and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for them who are busy with work. Then, under the premise of inseparable from the water dispenser, we must find a way to reduce the hidden dangers brought by the water dispenser and increase its safety, then we must do the following three points.
1. Frequent use of water dispenser
The water in the water dispenser is stagnant water, although it is hygienic and pollution-free, try to drink it within 15 days. Frequently turning on and off the water dispenser is equivalent to flushing the water outlet frequently, reducing the precipitation of scale and the reproduction of bacteria.

2. Clean faucets and sinks weekly
If the faucet and sink of the water dispenser are not covered by a sealed door, they will often come into contact with the outside air, or splash some drink residues. They should be rinsed with clean water and dried, and cleaned at least once a week.
3. Clean the bucket joint every three months
The bucket and the tank are also dark places where bacteria like to hide. When there is water in the tank of the water dispenser, the water and the air will easily accelerate the reproduction of bacteria and affect human health. Therefore, when the water is changed, it is found that there is white or yellow scale on the tank, and it should be cleaned in time until there is no odor.
Therefore, friends who are still using the water dispenser really need to maintain the water dispenser frequently and use it correctly. After all, water goes directly into the human body and is directly related to our health.

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