New Drinking Water Fountains In London Support Refill Revolution


Three new public drinking water fountains have been ins […]

Three new public drinking water fountains have been installed across London as the first step in a wider rollout of 20 public drinking water fountains lead by the #OneLess campaign, a movement against disposable plastic bottles set up by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The new fountains – one was installed in Heart of Valentines Park in Redbridge earlier this week and two more were installed in Liverpool Street station earlier this month – were announced by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, the #OneLess Campaign and MIW Water Cooler Experts on Tuesday (28 August).

The fountains are financed by the London Drinking Fountain Fund, which was set up by #OneLess earlier this year, and supplied by MIW Water Cooler Experts, a #OneLess champion, and already appear to have been a success, with the two drinking fountains in Liverpool Street already having dispensed 8,000 litres of water between them since their installation.

The need to get a handle on the plastic bottle problem is clear, with the average Londoner getting through 175 bottles of water each year – over a billion as a city.

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