Type and function analysis of membrane shell of knowledge filter element of water purifier


In the water purification industry, there are many kind […]

In the water purification industry, there are many kinds of Water Purifier accessories, but most people do not know much about the accessories, such as the membrane shell used in water purifier or pure water machine.

1、 What is a membrane shell?
   the film shell is made of food grade PP material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel and other materials through high temperature or dissolution production. It is a kind of container used for ultrafiltration membrane of water purifier and reverse osmosis membrane of pure water machine (called ultrafiltration membrane shell and reverse osmosis membrane shell), which can ensure that ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis membrane can be safer in the process of water purification without leakage or poor water purification effect.
   according to the material classification, the film shell can be divided into
   1. Food grade PP plastics
   2. Ceramic membrane shell
There are three types of stainless steel membrane shells, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  PP plastic film shell
     it has good elasticity and light texture, and it will automatically adjust with the inlet water pressure when it is used. However, if the water pressure is too high or the service time is too long, the outer wall will be damaged and water leakage will occur.
  ceramic membrane shell
  stainless steel membrane shell
   both the quality and the pressure bearing capacity are the best, but due to the material limit, the price is relatively higher than other quality membrane shells.
   because the reverse osmosis membrane needs a large amount of water pressure in the process of use, stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane shell is often used. In the process of filtering water, the water pressure of ultrafiltration membrane is lower than 0.3MPa, and plastic membrane shell is generally used.

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