What is Step water dispenser


It can supply boiling water, direct drinking water and […]

It can supply boiling water, direct drinking water and warm water.

Advanced stainless steel water dispenser, high-grade appearance, good image, beautiful and durable.

The internal pipeline adopts 304 food grade stainless steel to prevent rust, patina, etc., and does not cause secondary pollution.

Patented step-wise heating technology, energy saving of more than 50%. Drink warm water and save more than 80%.

The United States imports RO pure water filtration system, enter the tap water, come out pure water!

First, the advantages of the water dispenser:

1, according to different models, each can supply 50-300 people to drink.

2, to ensure health, the use of terminal water purification (water dispenser itself is equipped with filtering equipment).

3, energy saving, actual power saving 50% -80%.

4, freshly filtered, 100% boiling water, water does not open without water.

5, professional pre-sales and after-sales team, it is scheduled to check and maintain.

The benefits of the Century Fengyuan stepper water dispenser:

1. Each drop is freshly filtered and 100% reaches the standard for drinking water.

2. Improve hardware facilities, improve quality, and recognize satisfaction.

3, thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service, easy to manage.

4, energy saving and environmental protection, solid and durable, reducing expenses.

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