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Which is better, water purifier or water purifier? What's the difference?

Water purifier is a kind of water treatment equipment which can filter and purify the water according to the requirements of water use. The water purifier we usually talk about is actually one of the water purifiers, which has the most precise filtration and the highest filtration degree, also known as the "terminal water purifier".

Therefore, in fact, many consumers are confused about whether to buy ordinary water purifier or pure water purifier? What's the difference between them?

Then, let's analyze its working principle, application place, advantages and short board to clarify the relationship between them and find the most suitable water purifier.

Working principle comparison
Water purifier: it adopts progressive structure mode of screen blocking and filtering principle, which is made of multi-stage filter elements connected in series from the head to the tail. The precision of filter elements is arranged in order from low to high, so as to realize multi-stage filter elements to share and retain dirt, so as to reduce the number of filter element blockage and manual blowdown, removal and washing, and extend the cycle of replacing filter elements.

Pure water machine: mainly using reverse osmosis membrane technology. The working principle of the water purifier is to exert certain pressure on the water so that the water molecules and ionic mineral elements can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, while the vast majority of inorganic salts (including heavy metals), organics, bacteria, viruses, etc. dissolved in the water can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the permeated purified water and the permeated concentrated water can be strictly separated.

Applicable places and people
1. Applicable places
Water purifier: kitchen water; bathroom water; heating drinking water
Pure water machine: direct drinking; cleaner water for kitchen and bathroom

2. Applicable population
Water purifier: family with high requirements for cooking and washing; family pursuing economy and health
Pure water machine: there are infants, pregnant women and the elderly at home; pursue the taste and quality of drinking water

Advantage comparison
Water purifier: precision filtration; economical and convenient; mineral retention
Pure water machine: 99% filtration; improve taste; known as "the safest water in the world"
The purified water treated by the water purifier meets the national standard for raw drinking water and can be used as direct drinking water. The tap water is filtered by the pure water machine to get the pure water, which is the same as the pure water we bought in the supermarket.

Short board comparison
Water purifier: ① slightly poor taste. ② It is unable to remove heavy metals, viruses and other chemical pollutants (tertiary ultrafiltration). ③ It is impossible to remove the scale and fluoride mainly composed of calcium and magnesium ions (tertiary and tertiary filtration).
Pure water machine: ① part of it needs electricity. ② Some waste water will be produced. (the waste water here refers to the filtered water that cannot be directly drunk. It can be used for flower watering, face washing, floor dragging and other activities.)

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