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Why should the water be discharged regularly overnight

Water is the origin of all life, and more than 50% of the body's weight is composed of water. For the human body, water is not only a carrier for transporting various nutrients, but also directly participates in the body's metabolism.

It is a habit of many people to wake up in the morning to drink a glass of boiled water. To save time, many people will boil a pot of boiling water the first night and let it dry and drink it the next morning. But in fact, you should drink fresh water, because when the temperature is above 80℃, the water is absolutely safe, and this temperature is enough to kill microorganisms.
However, when the water temperature drops below 60°C, the water environment is very suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. In addition to temperature, the growth of bacteria is also related to the surrounding environment. The summer weather is humid and the ambient temperature is high, which is particularly conducive to the reproduction of bacteria.
For public places, especially special places like schools and hospitals, the water quality requirements are more stringent, but the problem of overnight water discharge has not been well handled. It can only rely on manual discharge, which not only increases costs, but also There may be problems such as forgotten emissions.

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