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A water purifier is the healthiest way to drink water

Water is the source of life, and healthy drinking water is the first step to ensure the quality of life. What kind of water is the healthiest and safest to drink, let's find out together!

What is healthy water?

It is understood that the substances in water can be roughly divided into three categories: the first is the visible or smelled particulate impurities, residual chlorine odor and other harmful substances; the second is the harmful substances that we cannot detect, such as microorganisms, chemical Pollutants, etc.; the third is mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body. Water that can remove harmful substances and retain natural mineral elements is truly healthy drinking water.

Which is the healthiest way to drink water?

Knowing the conditions that truly healthy drinking water should have, we also need to understand the source of healthy drinking water. So which water drinking method is the healthiest? General Manager Yang, technical director of Jinpinquan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., gave analysis and answers:

Plain water: economical but not necessarily the healthiest

Boiled water is the most economical and direct way to drink water - just boil tap water and drink it. But it's not the healthiest way to drink water: boiling water only kills some of the bacteria in the water, leaving the water unfiltered for rust dust, residual chlorine and chemical contaminants. In addition, the kettle may also become a source of pollution.

Water Purifiers: The Healthiest Way to Drink Water

Installed under the cabinet, freshly filtered, freshly consumed water purifiers have gradually become a new trend in China. The water purifier uses municipal tap water as raw water, and combines various filtration technologies and filtration materials to remove various harmful substances in the water and retain the physiological activity of natural water, ensuring that not only drinking water, but also kitchen water such as rice and soup is healthy. Safety. For consumers, it is only necessary to replace the filter element regularly.

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