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Criteria for judging water softeners

In order to use healthy water in our daily life, we must install water softener. The position of water softener is water for daily use, and direct drinking is not recommended, because there are many sodium ions in the water, and the water is acidic, and the pH value is less than 7. It is suitable for domestic water such as skin cleaning, bath, cosmetology, laundry, etc. Generally speaking, soft water is installed side by side with direct drinking water, so that the water quality does not interfere with each other, while the central water purifier and other water quality are compatible and installed in series. 。
Water softener is an important part of water purification system. Its main function is to remove calcium and magnesium ions (usually scale) from water for the living water of the whole room. So how do customers choose softeners?

I. Judgment of Resin Holdings
The resin in the water softener adsorbs calcium and magnesium ions in water. After the adsorption is saturated, the calcium and magnesium ions adsorbed in the resin can be softened. Resins in domestic water softeners are food grade, not industrial grade. The better softening resins on the market are bleached Wright, Exxon and Bayer.
The determinants of resin quality are:
1. Exchange capacity: The amount of soft water that can be replaced by the same amount of resin is different. The resin with more water is a good resin.
2. Mechanical Strength: Resin is easy to break, the quality is not good. If the resin is put on the ground, the smooth resin will not break into good resin.
3. Water content: Water content in resin, because the resin can not dry put, so good resin should be wet, but can not have water.

2. Selection of Well-known Brand Control Valves
The control valve of the water softener is the core component of the water softener. It realizes the operation of the water softener, back washing, salt absorption slow washing, salt tank water injection and positive washing regeneration process according to the difference of the control valve. The water softener is divided into automatic type and manual type. The automatic type is divided into time type and flow type.

Three, softeners generally do not need to replace the resin, but because of the ever-changing water quality, so the use of decades is still possible, the only consumption material is salt, so the less the frequency of salt replacement, the better, this is also one of the standards of softener.

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