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Demystifying the secret hidden in the water dispenser

You may not believe that the bottled water in the water dispenser will be seriously exceeded after 6 days of opening. It is better to drink tap water! Today we will experiment to reveal the secrets hidden in the water dispenser.

First, ordinary tap water was taken, and after 24 hours of sampling, the bacteria content in the tap water sample was found to be 1/ml.

 The national standard for living and drinking water bacteria is: the total number of bacteria in every 100ml of drinking water should not exceed 100! Look, in terms of the number of bacteria, the tap water is still very clean!

Then we were testing the bacterial content of a bottled water that was shipped from the factory for 5 days, and collected samples after disinfecting the water outlet. After testing, the bacteria in this bucket of water was 0/ml.

Finally, we are testing the hygienic level of water in the water dispenser. Two water dispensers were found, one was brand new, and the other was an old water dispenser that had been used for three years and had been cleaned six months ago. In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, first flush and soak the inner tube of the water dispenser three times with boiled boiling water. The dispenser interior and the water outlet are then sterilized with 75% alcohol. After putting the bottled water on, put 500ml of water from the cold water outlet and the hot water outlet to flush the internal pipeline of the water dispenser.

After the cleaning, sampling and testing, found that the total number of bacteria in the two water dispensers is 0 / ml, indicating that the water in the two water dispensers is not currently contaminated.

Then, the bottled water was placed on the water dispenser for 6 days, and then sampled and tested, and it was found that the total number of bacteria in the two buckets of water was more than 1000/ml.
This densely packed, goose bumps are all up! The Standard for Drinking Water Standards GB5749-85 stipulates that the total number of bacteria in every 100ml of drinking water should not exceed 100. Obviously, the 6-day bottled water on the water dispenser has completely failed to meet the national drinking water standards! Then the question comes: Where did the bacteria come from? ? ? The reason is in the water dispenser itself! Bacteria in the air only reproduce after being adsorbed to a certain platform, and the interface between the bottled water and the water dispenser, because of the humid air, just provides an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria. In other words, the water dispenser itself is a big bacteria! temperature! bed
In order to verify this point, we opened a bucket of new water, this time did not put the water dispenser, just put a disposable cup in the mouth of the barrel. After standing for 6 days, the bacteria content in the bottled water was still 0/ml. That is to say, the covered bottled water had no contact with the outside world and the bacteria could not enter, so the number of bacteria did not increase.
At this time, some people may ask: You are testing cold water. I drink hot water that is boiled in the water dispenser. There are not so many bacteria in the hot water.
Still use the water after standing on the water dispenser for 6 days. After boiling, the sample is tested. The results show that compared with the cold water, the total amount of bacteria in the boiled hot water is not significantly reduced, but the type of bacteria is significantly reduced.
This is why? The reason is very simple, because the water dispenser can only heat up to seventy or eighty degrees, and can not fully boil, and this temperature is very difficult to kill most bacteria!
When the experiment is here, we can basically conclude that the water dispenser is the chief culprit in causing the bacteria in the bottled water to exceed the standard! In summer, the temperature rises and the bacteria multiply faster. If you want to drink safe and hygienic water, you have to rely on the water purifier!

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