Do these four points well, the service life of water purifier will be doubled


In today's water pollution everywhere, water purifier h […]

In today's water pollution everywhere, water purifier has become the last line of defense to ensure the safety of our family's daily drinking water. Whether you have already used the water purifier or you are going to consider purchasing a water purifier, the following 4 points are enough to make your water purifier durable!

Do not move the machine frequently
Professional installers generally install water purifiers according to the actual installation environment of your home to install and debug water purifier related waterways and interfaces. Therefore, if there is no need to move the machine, it is recommended that you do not move the machine frequently and substantially without authorization. If you really need to move, it is recommended to contact a professional installation master to come and handle for you, so as to avoid possible risk problems due to unauthorized movement.
Avoid "water hammer phenomenon"
If the water pressure of tap water in the pipeline is large or small, it is easy to produce "water hammer phenomenon". However, if the water pressure is too high, the internal parts of the water purifier will be damaged. In order to avoid this situation, lornes recommends that you cut off the water purifier before you go out for a long time. Of course, if you have a bad memory or trouble, you can also install a special valve in the front of the water purifier to protect the water purifier from "water hammer".

Avoid exposure to the sun or cold
The water purifier should be installed in a ventilated and dry place to avoid extreme temperature and shorten its service life. Especially in summer, the outdoor sun exposure will not only cause the aging of the water purifier panel parts, but also may cause the algae breeding in the water related parts inside the water purifier. This will not only affect the filtration effect and water safety of the water purifier, but also lead to the early death of the filter element or other related parts of the water purifier. In winter, when the outdoor temperature is below 0 ℃, it is likely to cause freezing of water purifier related waterway components and damage. Therefore, the water purifier is most suitable to be installed indoors in a cool and dry place.
Wash the filter element regularly
The core part of the water purifier is the filter element. When the filter element in the water purifier is used for a certain period of time, a large number of impurities will be attached to the filter element. Over time, these impurities are bound to cause the decline of filtration efficiency of water purifier. Therefore, in daily use, you need to wash the filter element of water purifier regularly. If your water purifier comes with automatic flushing function, you don't have to worry too much. When the water purifier works for a period of time, it will automatically start the flushing function. You can also press the flush function key manually to finish the washing of water purifier easily. One punch a day must be wonderful!

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