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I. How does the water purifier purify water? In general […]

I. How does the water purifier purify water?
In general, contaminated water contains impurities that are harmful to the human body:
Large particle impurities: >5 microns;
Bacteria: 0.4-5 micron;
Virus: 0.01-0.1 micron;
Antibiotics: 0.001-0.01 micron;
Heavy metal: 0.0005-0.005 micron;
Water purifier filters out floats, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, microorganisms, etc. in tap water by physical interception, adsorption and other means to treat it as pure water or potable water which can be directly drinkable.Water purification equipment can be classified into different categories to achieve different filtration accuracy.
Front water purifier: After installing the general water intake valve, it begins to intercept large particles of sediment, rust and other impurities harmful to domestic wading equipment in the public water supply pipeline when entering the house, which is a defense line for domestic water use.
Central water purifier: installed in the equipment room/kitchen room, the filter elements are mainly KDF and activated carbon, etc. Its function is to absorb residual chlorine, rust, solid suspension in water, further treat tap water, improve the taste of drinking water, but can not completely remove bacteria and viruses.
Water softener: installed in equipment room/toilet, the main principle is to replace calcium and magnesium ions in water, soften water quality, and do not filter/clean water quality.
End water purifier: installed in kitchen, using 6-stage filtration process of PP cotton + imported KDF + activated carbon + far infrared activated ball + stainless steel filter screen + U-type ultrafiltration, can effectively remove heavy metals, discoloration, odor and bacterial viruses in tap water.In fact, it is difficult to remove impurities up to 100%. Under normal circumstances, there are still some bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms remaining in the water, but the quantity is greatly reduced, which will not cause harm to human beings.
Pipeline machine: In conjunction with water purification equipment, the built-in PE water storage tank connects the water source of water purification, and the built-in heating and refrigeration of heating gallery and ice making Gallery enable the direct drinking of cold and hot water.

2. What are the benefits of water purification?
First, the tap water is treated through the water purification system to remove residual chlorine and improve the taste.
Secondly, the end water purifier can remove harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and heavy metals, which can meet the standard of direct drinking water.
Finally, excessive water quality may cause hair loss and yellowing and hardening of clothing after washing. Softeners can soften water quality and improve bath comfort.
III. How to guarantee the quality of clean water?
After installing large brand and high quality water purification equipment, building the whole house water purification system and replacing the filter element in time, can the water quality be guaranteed?
Of course not! This important link can not be ignored. Pipeline systems connecting major water purification equipment and transferring potable water will also cause secondary pollution after water purification if the quality is not up to standard and the design is not reasonable.


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