Do you know a water purifier, What is a water purifier


Every day we talk about water pollution, and every day […]

Every day we talk about water pollution, and every day we talk about water purifiers. But do you really know the water purifier? What is the water purifier?
In fact, the water purifier is also called water quality purifier, which is a water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. Generally speaking, the water purifier refers to a small purifier used for home use.
The core of the technology is the filter membrane in the device. At present, the main technology comes from two kinds of ultrafiltration membrane and RO reverse osmosis membrane. The water purifier can effectively remove rust, sand, colloid, residual chlorine, smell, color, pesticide and other chemicals in the water. It can effectively remove bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals and other impurities in water.
With the application of water purification technology in the field of drinking water, the phenomenon of "acclimatization" will soon become a history, which effectively solves the local diseases caused by excessive harmful substances in groundwater in many places.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Rhine River had a very serious event (one of the three major water pollution events in the world).
In 1826, the Rhine River pollution affected a small mountain village in Bonn, Germany. The water has affected the normal life of the local people. Paul Erik, 13, decided to make a water purifier with superhuman wisdom in order to drink clean water. After hundreds of failures, he finally succeeded in inventing the world's first water purifier:
The water purifier is filled with 20 thick spinning cloth bags, and the activated carbon is in the middle of the quartz sand. Then the bag of water purifier material is placed on the top of the wooden barrel, and the polluted water is poured on the gauze, so that the water slowly flows into the wooden barrel through multi-layer infiltration, and the final filtered water is sweet. After several times of improvement, the filtering effect of the water purifier is getting better and better, which attracts the attention of the local government.
With the general improvement of people's awareness of water purification, the water purifier industry is gradually rising. The development of domestic water purification industry began in the 1980s.
Water is the source of life. The quality of drinking water is closely related to people's health. According to the World Health Organization (who) survey, 80% of the world's diseases and 50% of child deaths are related to poor drinking water quality.

After years of publicity and popularization of drinking water and health knowledge, people have gradually understood the impact of drinking water quality on human health, and pay more attention to drinking water safety, which provides a great market prospect for the production of water purifier products. 95% of households in developed countries in Europe and the United States are using household water purifiers, while the domestic household use rate is less than 5%. Therefore, there is still a vast development space for domestic water purifiers.
Since 2000, water purifier manufacturers have grown rapidly, and the water purifier industry has recovered and grown rapidly. China's water purifier industry has developed to more than 3000 production enterprises, and its number is still growing at a rate of 30% - 40% every year.

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