How to act as agent for water purifier and how to improve sales volume of water purifier


In the 21st century, people have a general awareness of […]

In the 21st century, people have a general awareness of the importance of water purification health. With the increasing sales of water purifiers, the water purification industry is also booming along the way. Many investors also take a fancy to this big cake and want to take a good share of it and consult one after another. So how to act as the agent of water purifier and how to improve the sales volume of water purifier investment agency have become a hot topic

I. Market Research
Water purifier agents should first conduct market research. For this, Huamai suggests starting from the following dimensions. Before selecting a project, we should first conduct industry trend research. Only when we have a good grasp of the trend can we know whether this project can be done, whether it has a future, what kind of history it used to be, and what stage the industry has reached. Secondly, understand what risks the industry may bring to you, such as political risks, policy risks, product failure risks, etc.

II. Self evaluation
Only knowing oneself and knowing the other can win all battles. It's the same with being a water purifier agent. If you don't have a clear understanding of yourself and can't make an accurate judgment of yourself, you can't have a better development and improvement. Only when you know who you are, can you know where you are going and who you are going to be more happy and harmonious with in the future!

III. sustainable and effective comprehensive marketing
Quantitative change to qualitative change. Different methods lead to different results. In the terminal market, I have seen many dealers engage in promotional activities, and the methods used are very shocking. The effect naturally makes people sigh and regret the beginning. For example, some dealers use car street publicity, often only for one day, or every other week for one or two days, the result is all gone. This is very normal, because a simple day is impossible to produce effect, and if it is a week or even two weeks of promotion, the effect is immediately reflected. The promotion efforts, brand promotion discs and car design are well handled. When car promotion is carried out in many places, customers often find a shop to consult and purchase within half an hour at the beginning. Through the promotion for about two weeks, people all over the city know that the effect is even better.

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