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How to choose a water purifier

Performance-price ratio: Firstly, household water purifiers are not only moderately priced, but also simple to operate and easy to use. Consumers are more and more interested in making their own water to drink. Therefore, the market of water purifiers is showing a prosperous picture. But now there are many brands and types of water purifiers on the market, which make people unable to start.
Therefore, when purchasing, we must determine our own needs, different needs need different technology water purifiers. Ultrafiltration membrane technology and reverse osmosis technology are the main technologies of household water purification. The difference between them is filtration accuracy. Cost is divided into two aspects, one is the purchase cost, the other is the use cost.
In terms of purchase cost, of course, the price of water purifier is much higher than that of water dispenser, but on the use cost, the water dispenser uses bottled water, and the water purifier is directly filtrating tap water to make it reach the standard of direct drinking water. The water dispenser often needs to buy bottled water, while the water purifier is not needed, and the filter element of the good water purifier can be used for 2-3 years.
Purification effect: from the aspect of health and safety, a good water purifier has high filtration accuracy, which can fully filter out the harmful substances of tap water and achieve the standard of healthy and safe drinking water. Household water purifiers are all ready to drink at present, fresh, convenient and sweet taste.
Avoid the trouble of ordering water, etc., and avoid secondary pollution. The rice granules steamed from the water filtered by the household water purifier are full, oily, mellow, not easy to steamed, and the bread dumplings are boiled in pure water, which not only tastes good but also does not stick. The tea brewed by the household water purifier tastes stronger, has pure color and is not easy to scale.

Although barreled water is also direct drinking water, but a barrel of water is best to drink in two days, otherwise it will become a good place for bacteria breeding. Moreover, the news of frequent reports of poor health of barreled water has emerged one after another. As far as the water purifier is concerned, there are many advantages over the water purifier, such as technological process, use effect and time, etc. Therefore, when we choose the water purifier, we recommend that you choose the water purifier.
Purification technology: If your home environment is worse and water pollution is more serious, RO reverse osmosis household water purifier is a good choice. Purification effect is very good and thorough. Its filtering precision is very high. Only water molecules are allowed to pass through. It can effectively remove rust, sediment, macromolecule organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. in water, and the effluent is pure water.
Finally, if the home environment is not so bad, you can choose ultrafiltration household water purifier. It can remove rust, sediment, macromolecular organic compounds, bacteria, viruses, etc., while preserving trace elements and beneficial minerals in water. Pure physical filtration does not require electricity, and only tap water pressure is enough.
Therefore, the choice of household water purifier must be based on the regional water quality, different waterway design, different room size and other factors. Starting from their own actual situation, this is the only way to choose a suitable household water purifier.

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