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How to choose water purifier?

To buy a water purifier, you need to know the water quality at home first? What is the water purifier? What about all these devices? What should I pay attention to when I buy?

Step by step, first introduce a few simple methods to identify your water quality:
1. Look: fill a glass with water, look at the light to see if there is any fine substance suspended in the water, and then stand for three hours to see if there is any sediment at the bottom of the cup. If there is, it means that the suspended impurity in the water is seriously over the standard.
2. Smell: take a glass of water, and then smell it with your nose. If you can smell the smell of bleaching powder (chlorine), it means that the residual chlorine in tap water exceeds the standard.
3. Taste: taste boiled water, if the taste is astringent, the hardness of water is too high.
4. Check whether there is a layer of yellow scale on the inner wall of the kettle at home. If yes, it means that the hardness of the water is too high (the content of calcium and magnesium salt is too high)
5. Lazy choice: buy a water quality detector, ten yuan, with half a month to see the color of the water quality.

What are the types of water purification equipment?
Central water treatment system, prefilter, central water purifier, terminal direct drinking water, softener

1、 District Central water treatment system

Main functions: professional water treatment system, which is usually directly configured in the equipment room of the community by the developer, to provide clean water for the whole community. Advantages: professional water treatment, comprehensive purification, high purification efficiency. Disadvantage: you can't do it yourself! If your community is configured, Congratulations! 1. It means that your community is a mansion! 2. You can save most of the water purification equipment in your home, such as pre filter and central water purification equipment.

2、 Prefilter

Main functions: filter the secondary pollution of municipal water supply, including rust, sediment and algae, the first level of clean water at home! Advantages: protect the wading equipment and pipelines at home, such as all faucets, water pipes, water heaters, etc.; low investment in the early stage (hundreds to 2K), and almost zero cost in the later stage of maintenance. Disadvantages: due to the limitation of filtration precision, coarse filtration is unable to filter the suspended solids of small particles. Suitable for people: most families are worth buying, because few places have good water quality! Precautions: 1. The accuracy of filter screen is generally from 50 μ m to 100 μ m. It is recommended to purchase 100 μ M. too small filter screen will affect the water pressure. 2. The cleaning mode of filter screen includes direct washing, manual back washing and automatic back washing. It is recommended to choose manual backwashing, which is the most cost-effective. You only need to do it by yourself on a regular basis and finish it in a few minutes.

3、 Central water purifier

Main functions: to remove suspended solids, residual chlorine and peculiar smell. Deep protection pipeline, internal pipeline of wading electrical appliances, high-grade sanitary ware; advantages: higher filtering accuracy than prefilter, deeper filtering; larger filtering volume, generally 0.5 to 1.5 tons / hour. Disadvantages: the price is relatively expensive (6k-2w), the volume is large, and special space needs to be reserved. Suitable for people: people with high requirements for living water quality; many high-grade wading equipment at home, such as water softener, dishwasher, boiler, intelligent toilet, etc.; houses with large size, such as villa and villa. Note: because the volume is not small, if you want to install it under the cabinet, you must choose "short and fat type", and reserve space, power and water in advance.


4、 End drinking water

Main functions: high precision multiple filtration, direct drinking
Advantages: household filter with the highest precision, small volume and convenient installation
Disadvantages: the water output is small and can only be used as drinking water, and the later maintenance cost is high (replacing filter element)
Suitable for people: families with high demand for drinking water

Matters needing attention:

1. The market of filtration technology generally includes ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis (RO) and activated carbon. In a word, the filtration precision of RO reverse osmosis is 0.0001 μ m, and the ultrafiltration can only achieve 0.01 μ m. We suggest that the normal family should definitely choose the one with ro.
2. Do you want to bring clean water pressure bucket? This bucket is mainly used to reduce the waiting time when the purified water consumption is large. Personal suggestions are unnecessary. First, it takes up space (not necessarily enough under the sink), and second, it increases the possibility of secondary pollution.
3. The replacement time of filter element is about 6-12 months for activated carbon and about 2-3 years for reverse osmosis.

5、 Water softener

Main functions: replace calcium and magnesium ions in water with sodium ions to protect pipes and electrical equipment from scaling. Advantages: it can effectively prevent scale generation, extend the service life of pipes and equipment, and protect clothes and skin. Disadvantages: high investment in the early stage (8k-2w, etc.), occupying a place, unable to drink, requiring water supply of different quality. Suitable for people: in areas with hard water quality, there are more wading equipment and warm water homes, and for people with sensitive skin (it's very slippery after washing), precautions: the water softener can't be connected to drinking water, because sodium ion in the water displaces calcium and magnesium ion, with high sodium concentration, long-term drinking will cause irreversible damage to liver and kidney.

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