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Is the hot and cold water dispenser suitable for the office?

Ice hot water dispenser is a kind of direct drinking water equipment. Compared with ordinary water dispenser, its use range is wider. Because of its many advanced places, it is well recognized by people. It is a green product, and its power saving rate can reach about 80%. , So is the hot and cold water dispenser suitable for the office? Let's take a look at the hot and cold water dispenser.

Ice-hot water dispensers are generally used in factory workshops, offices, or places with high traffic such as stations and airports. Ice-hot water dispensers also have the advantages of hygiene, energy saving, safety, and zero pressure. Generally, the cooling methods we use on equipment include electronic cooling and compressor cooling. The two cooling methods are different in cooling speed, cooling effect, water output, and applicable occasions. The ice and hot water dispenser adopts the principle of compressor cooling.

In places with a large flow of people, ice and hot water dispensers with refrigeration compressors are generally used. After pressing the ice water button, the refrigeration indication system of the ice and hot water dispenser starts, the compressor starts to work, and the refrigerant vapor that has been absorbed and vaporized in the evaporator is sucked back, compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, and sent to Condenser, the hot gas is condensed into high-pressure liquid through the condenser, and then enters the evaporator through capillary throttling and pressure reduction, absorbs the condensation heat, reduces the water temperature, and then sucks it back by the compressor. This cycle is repeated, and the water temperature can be cooled. After the purified water is cooled by the compressor, the outlet water temperature is about 4-7 degrees.

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