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Is the more filter elements the better?

As we all know, filter element is the core part of water purifier. At present, the more common reverse osmosis water purifier on the market, the number of filter elements usually ranges from 3 to 6. Many consumers in the purchase, often have "the more filter, the cleaner the filter" misunderstanding. But is it true that the more filter elements the better?

Generally speaking, three kinds of filter elements of household reverse osmosis water purifier are: ppcotton, activated carbon and RO membrane. Among them, ppcotton, as the first process of water purification, can take the lead in intercepting large particles such as rust, sediment and algae in the water; after filtering with ppcotton, the second process is activated carbon adsorption, which can remove residual chlorine and other disinfection by-products and other peculiar smell in the water; The second one is reverse osmosis RO membrane, which is also a RO membrane with higher filtration accuracy. The nano pore size can filter out harmful substances such as heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and so on. After these three layers of progressive water purification process, the water in our home can reach the standard of direct drinking.

Among these three kinds of filter elements, RO membrane is an essential filter element for making direct drinking water. Although the water filtered by ppcotton and activated carbon can not be directly drunk, it can play an important role in protecting RO membrane, thus prolonging the service life of RO membrane. However, if the filter element with similar material and function as ppcotton and activated carbon is blindly added, it will not only affect the water outlet speed and occupy more space, but also increase the core replacement cost of users in the later stage. Therefore, the household reverse osmosis water purifier is not the more filter elements, the more the better, the focus is on the filter material and water purification effect.

In fact, in the high-end products of water purifiers, it has become a trend to make efforts in the material and technology of filter elements and to reduce the number of filter elements.
To select a good water purifier, in addition to considering their own needs, we should also understand the quality of the water purification brand, only in this way can we choose the water purification products suitable for ourselves. The more filter elements in the water purifier are, the better, please remember.

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