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Solution to problems in RO water treatment system

Solution to problems in RO water treatment system
Operating pressure problems
Compared with the traditional separation process, RO Technology has unique advantages in energy consumption, but in the traditional desalination field and wastewater treatment field of RO, reducing energy consumption is still the focus of people's attention, especially in desalination, the energy consumption of RO is far greater than the cost of RO membrane. In order to reduce the operating pressure and improve the flux, RO materials are developing towards ultra-thin and low-pressure RO membrane; for industrial wastewater treatment with low requirements for effluent, nanofiltration membrane can be used instead of RO membrane to reduce energy consumption on the premise that the water quality meets the water requirements.
Membrane fouling
RO membrane pollution is another important factor restricting the wide application of RO Technology. Membrane pollution not only affects the stable operation of membrane and the quality of effluent, but also shortens the service life of membrane. For membrane pollution, the main methods are as follows:
(1) Improve the pretreatment system to ensure the water quality of RO system;
(2) Cleaning RO membrane, chemical analysis of membrane pollutants, selection of the best cleaning agent and cleaning method;
(3) Regularly stop and maintain RO membrane device.
Concentrated water treatment
After RO water treatment process separates the influent, it will inevitably produce concentrated water. The main feature of concentrated water is that the salt content is relatively large. Due to the strict inflow of RO water, the chroma, turbidity and organic content of concentrated water are relatively low. According to the characteristics of RO concentrated water, scale inhibitor can be added to reuse RO system to adjust the proportion of concentrated water and inlet water to achieve recycling; if the content of a precious ion in concentrated water is high, the ion can be further concentrated and purified. Zhan Jinkun also verified the feasibility of RO concentrated water as ultrafiltration backwash water, which is also a new method of RO concentrated water utilization.

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