The function of water purifier and the harm of water pollution


Increasing water pollution has become a major threat to […]

Increasing water pollution has become a major threat to human survival and security, and has become a major obstacle to human health, economic and social sustainable development. According to the survey of world authorities, 80% of all kinds of diseases in developing countries are caused by drinking unsanitary water, which causes at least 2 million deaths worldwide every year. Therefore, water pollution is called "the world's number one killer". In recent years, the treatment of water pollution has attracted extensive attention from all walks of life. The government has invested a lot of human and financial resources but achieved little. Then, as the common people, how can we put an end to the harm of water pollution to human body? Is it necessary to install household water purifiers? What are the functions of water purifiers?

Hazards of water pollution:
After water pollution, if through drinking water or food chain, pollutants enter the human body, causing acute or chronic poisoning. Arsenic, chromium, ammonium and benzopyrene can also induce cancer. Water polluted by parasites, viruses or other pathogens can cause a variety of infectious and parasitic diseases. Heavy metal polluted water is harmful to human health. The water and food polluted by cadmium will cause kidney and bone diseases after being sorted out by medical education network after people eat and drink. If 20 mg of cadmium sulfate is ingested, it will cause death. Lead poisoning, anemia and insanity. Hexavalent chromium is very toxic, causing skin ulcers and carcinogenic effects. Drinking water containing arsenic can cause acute or chronic poisoning. Arsenic causes many enzymes to be inhibited or inactivated, resulting in metabolic disorders, skin keratinization and skin cancer. Organophosphorus pesticides can cause neurotoxicity, and organochlorine pesticides can accumulate in fat, which is harmful to endocrine, immune and reproductive functions of human and animals. Most of them have carcinogenic effects. Cyanide is also a highly toxic substance. When it enters the blood, it combines with cytochrome oxidase of cells to stop breathing and cause suffocation and death due to respiratory failure. We know that 80% of the world's diseases are related to water. Typhoid, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery and infectious liver are the five major diseases of human beings, which are caused by unclean drinking water. However, our drinking water environment still has the following disadvantages:

1. After the tap water is boiled, it still can't remove the scale, heavy metal, volatile substance and bacterial corpse. After the tap water is disinfected by chlorine, it can kill the virus and bacteria, but it can't remove the scale, heavy metal and volatile substance, and the virus and bacterial corpse still exist. After the chlorine is disinfected, there will be residual chlorine in the water. The tap water will basically be boiled before drinking, but boiling can only solve the problem of bacteria, and can't solve the problems of sediment, rust, scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial corpses, so just boiling can't fundamentally improve the quality of drinking water.
2. After long-distance transportation, tap water is vulnerable to secondary pollution. Rust, sediment, bacteria, etc. will once again affect the water quality of tap water. Especially for high-rise residential buildings, because secondary pressurization is required, there are water tanks on the roof, which will cause the tap water to be polluted by sediment, rust, bacteria, etc.
3. The barreled water is connected to the water dispenser, which has high cost, short validity period and is more vulnerable to secondary pollution. The cost of bottled water is about 70 yuan per barrel, and most of the water is tap water processed by large-scale water purifiers or pure water machines, with few natural well surface markets. At the same time, the barreled water has a short storage time and is easy to deteriorate. It is in an open state after being connected with the water dispenser and will be polluted by pollutants in the air. Therefore, it is not an ideal drinking water solution.
The water purifier of household water purifier is a pure physical filtration method, which can effectively remove all kinds of pollutants, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sediment, etc., and its cost is much lower than that of barreled water. The water has a good taste and can be directly drunk without boiling. Therefore, the water filtered by drinking water purifier is to eliminate water pollution to people It is the most direct and effective way to do harm to human body.

I believe that the following can give us a warning

1. The harm of water pollution to human health has attracted great attention all over the world.

2. In the production process of tap water, chlorine can kill pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances, but adding chlorine can cause new chemical pollution. Chlorine can form chloroform with organic matter in water. It is a carcinogen. At the same time, chlorine also destroys nutrition and is easy to cause heart disease.
3. In the pipe network of tap water, long-distance pipeline transportation, old and rusty pipes, unclean water tanks of urban high-rise buildings and buildings or non disinfected water tanks used all the year round can cause secondary pollution. Secondary pollution causes bacteria, viruses and algae to multiply, plus the original chlorine and chloride, rust, heavy metals, radioactive substances, making the water body turbid and smelly, and its harm is endless.

What are the advantages of domestic water purifier? One sentence: improve tap water, can drink directly; replace barreled water, cheaper, more sanitary. At present, there are some hidden dangers in the water quality of all parts of China. For example, the water quality in the north is generally hard, which is easy to cause stone disease and affect human health; the heavy metals in the south are generally over the standard, causing harm to human liver, gallbladder, kidney and so on. The function of domestic water purifier is embodied in the following aspects:
I. safety: the household water purifier can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, colloids, heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water and ensure the safety and health of the filtered water.
2. Convenience: no need to call the water station to send bottled water. If you want to drink it, you can make it yourself. There is no water limit, and you don't need to wait for water. It's convenient and fresh to drink directly from the water purifier.
3. Economy: the price of a bucket of high-quality bottled water is about 15 yuan, while the price of a bucket of water made by a water purifier is less than 50 yuan, which is one thirtieth of the bottled water. It's a whole process of washing vegetables, cooking and drinking.

Function of water purifier:
1. Tea making: there is no residual chlorine, and the tea is more fragrant and pure.
2. Use purified water to make hot pot: no bleach foam on it, the soup color is positive, and the taste is more pure.
3. Boil mung bean soup: the mung bean will bloom completely in 30 minutes, and the green water in clear soup (boil the mung bean soup with tap water to make it red, and the red foam will appear on it for a long time).
4. Cooking, steaming rice, making noodles and cooking: there is no residual chlorine, and the rice is more fragrant.
5. Electric kettle: no scale, no cleaning.
6. Clean glasses: reduce scratches and make them cleaner.
7. Wash face, wash hands and take a bath: the skin is delicate, tender and white, no longer greasy, saving time and detergent.
8. Laundry and towel: no longer yellow or hard;
10. Extend the service life of electrical appliances: water heater, washing machine, electric iron, humidifier, etc.
People take food as their heaven, food first, water as its source. In this era of increasingly serious water pollution, please install a domestic water purifier as soon as possible for your own and your family's drinking health.

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