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Ultrafiltration water purifier problem solving

When the raw solution flows through the membrane surface of the ultrafiltration water purifier under a certain pressure, the densely covered micropores on the ultrafiltration membrane surface only allow water and small molecular substances to pass through and become permeate, and we all know that the volume of the raw solution is larger than that of the membrane. The substances with micropores on the surface are trapped on the liquid inlet side of the membrane and become concentrated liquid, thus realizing the purpose of purification, separation and concentration of the original liquid.
Ultrafiltration water purifiers usually do not require pumps and do not consume electricity. Generally, the normal water pressure of municipal tap water is sufficient, which produces less waste water and can retain minerals and trace elements in the water.

Ultrafiltration water purifier produces little or no water

If the water does not come out after the first use, and there is water in the water inlet, then the installation order of the water pipes is wrong.

Solution: Re-disassemble the water pipe, and then re-install it in sequence according to the ultrafiltration water purifier installation manual.

If there is no water or the water output drops sharply after a period of use, it is very likely that the water pipe is blocked or the filter element is blocked.

Solution: If the water pipe of the water purifier product is blocked, directly remove the blocked part or replace the water pipe; if the filter element is blocked, remove the filter element and replace it with a new filter element.

turbid water

An important determinant of the water purification effect of a household water purifier is the filter element. If the quality of the produced water is poor, the filter element is faulty.

Solution: Take out the filter element in time and clean it. If the water is still turbid when it is used again, it means that the service life of the filter element has reached the upper limit, and a new filter element must be replaced.

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