When winter comes, how can the water purifier freeze


Winter is coming. It is said that it has already snowed […]

Winter is coming. It is said that it has already snowed in some places. In cold weather, water will become ice. So, what if the water purifier is frozen and can't be used? Don't worry. I'd like to share with you some methods and measures to maintain the water purifier. I hope it can help you.

1. Do not move frequently after installation
   some users often move the water purification equipment at will when using the product, which will cause the water purification equipment not to flow out, because the internal parts of the water purifier are linked through the connector, frequent moving may cause damage to the internal accessories and affect its use function.
2. Pay attention to frequent replacement of filter element and permeable membrane
   there are multi-stage filter elements in the water purifier. The service life of filter elements with different materials is different. The service life of the filter element is between 3-12 months. If the user finds that the produced water is more and more turbid in the process of using the product, and the cleaning filter element is still the same, it means that the filter element should be replaced.
3. Anti freezing measures shall be taken for outdoor equipment
   if it is installed outdoors, anti freezing measures must be taken. If no anti freezing measures are taken, the filter bottle and membrane shell may be cracked. When the temperature is below zero, the water purifier must be stopped. Because the volume of water will expand in the solidification process, if it freezes, all the pipelines, filter bottles and membrane shells of the water purifier will burst, resulting in water leakage.
4. How to deal with ice
5. To create a good working environment for the water purifier will help it live longer
   finally, we should ensure that the environment where the water purifier is installed should be hygienic and not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid heat sources. In addition, each household water purifier has its own working parameters, such as water temperature, water pressure and water quality. Therefore, we should first understand the working parameters. If the water pressure does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to install (increase) the pressure relief valve. If the water quality does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to install pre filtration.

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