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Whether the reverse osmosis water purifier is good or not

Reverse osmosis water purifier is a familiar and unfamiliar product of water purifier. Why is it familiar and unfamiliar? Familiarity is because reverse osmosis water purifier is the most commonly used type of water purifier, almost a pronoun for terminal direct drinking water, unfamiliar because "reverse osmosis" is a professional vocabulary, many people do not know what it means. In 1950, an engineer in the United States discovered that seagulls swallow a large gull of water as they skim over the sea and spit out a small gull of water after a few seconds. He was puzzled why seagulls did not die of thirst. After dissecting seagulls, it was found that seagulls did not drink seawater directly, but kept seawater in their throats. The structure of seagulls'throats was composed of layers of mucosal tissue. Seawater was pressurized after inhalation by seagulls, and then water molecules penetrated through the mucosa and transformed into fresh water through pressure (this is me). Seagulls absorb freshwater filtered by mucosal tissue into their bodies and then spit out the remaining high concentration of seawater (i.e. wastewater discharged from the water purifier), which is called reverse osmosis because the flow direction of water in the water purifier is opposite to that of natural penetration.

Drinking Water Revolution Caused by Seagulls
Filtration principle of reverse osmosis water purifier
Reverse osmosis is generally a five-stage filtration standard:
The first stage is PP cotton filter for filtering large particles, animal skin, plant roots.
The second and third stages are granular activated carbon, which improves the taste and filters chlorine and heavy metals.
The fourth step is to use RO reverse osmosis membranes to make water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through the reverse osmosis membranes, while most inorganic salts (including heavy metals), organic substances, bacteria and viruses dissolved in water can not pass through the reverse osmosis membranes, so that the permeated pure water and concentrated water can not be penetrated are strictly separated.
The fifth level is Post-Activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste.
Why the reverse osmosis water taste good, is because the second, third and fifth use of activated carbon, activated carbon is a very important role in the auxiliary filtration system of water purifier, can not be replaced in the direct drinking system.
Household reverse osmosis water purifier can remove harmful organic substances such as carbon tetrachloride and trichloromethane from dissolved and water to the maximum extent. The water molecules in the raw water are then retained for drinking. Therefore, reverse osmosis water purifier has the reputation of "in vitro kidney".

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
1. The effluent is pure, the kettle utensils are not scaling, pollution-free, and the taste is comfortable. Tea and coffee are brewed to maximize the original taste.
2. Reverse osmosis water purifier can remove all kinds of harmful impurities in water, including pesticides, fertilizers and hormones. It can well retain the water molecules in the original water, ensure water quality safety and avoid diseases caused by drinking water.
3. It is safer, more economical and more convenient than barreled water.

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