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Which families must install pre-filter

For a demanding family, the front-end is too useful, the front-end water is necessary to buy, because it is durable, worry-saving, effective! It is a full-time patron saint to install a front-end that can be used for ten or eight years.
The water purifier we talk about is not the same thing as the water purifier you usually see. It's totally different. The front-end is a rough filter, a water main pipe, and the water purifier may not be suitable for all families, but the front-end water purifier is suitable for all families. It should be the standard of every family. Even if it is the simplest filter, it is not an electrical appliances without electricity, it can be used in the main pipe - this can be regarded as a super energy-saving device. Yes.

The mission of the pre-water purification is to filter the sediment, eggs, rust, algae and other particles from the water, which are generally visible to the naked eye. The filter element of the front water purifier should not be replaced for life. If there are too many dirty things, the water-proof wash out will do. A good quality of the front water purifier, 500 or so is good.
There are no side effects, because it is not a deep filtration, so even the water pressure will not affect, there is no statement of consumables, you will treat him as a knot, put it there. In addition to relatively improving the quality of water supply, all water pipes, faucets, valves, sprinklers, water heaters, solar energy and so on in the home, as long as they are water-filled, will prolong their service life, and reduce the risk of waterway failure.
When purchasing, pay attention not to buy too high precision, 40-90 microns are OK, but if less than 40 microns, it will not play the role of the front, water flow will reduce, water speed will slow down, and increase water pressure, increase the burden of pipes.
Which families have to install front-end?
1. Villa, this is the standard, or other water purifiers will be waiting for failure, life lost bar.
2. In areas with poor water quality, families with geothermal and water heaters are households.
3. Users who install water purifiers and do not want to change filter elements frequently.

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