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Compound water purifier

When one process is difficult to remove harmful substances from water, the use of two or more processes is a composite type. Such as activated carbon adsorption, ultraviolet sterilization, activated carbon adsorption reverse osmosis, activated carbon adsorption microfiltration (ultrafiltration), polypropylene ultrafine fiber, activated carbon, microfiltration (ultrafiltration), etc. In the composite water purifier, the membrane technology composite water purifier has excellent water purification performance, especially in the removal of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.). Some of the high-quality water purifiers can directly drink raw water, which has been welcomed by the vast number of consumers and has become a hot spot in the current development of water purifiers.
The design and manufacture of water purifier is a comprehensive science and technology. The design principle of water purifier should be for the consideration of users. As far as the characteristics of water quality in different regions of China are concerned, organic pollutants are seriously polluted along the Yangtze River and in densely populated areas, while bacterial contamination exists in small-scale water supply enterprises and groundwater use areas in towns and villages throughout the country. Therefore, only some of the high quality water purifiers can adapt to different water quality in different parts of the country, so water purifier manufacturers should carefully design water purifiers that can adapt to different water sources, but with good treatment effect, according to the water quality conditions in different regions.
In a word, water purifier is related to the safety and health of millions of people. Therefore, the quality of water purifier itself and the quality of effluent must be paid attention to by manufacturers, and advanced technology and equipment should be continuously absorbed and used to continuously improve the quality of water purifier to meet the increasing consumption needs of the people.

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