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Do you know the cooling principle of the water dispenser

What is the refrigeration function of the water dispenser? Refrigeration principle. There are roughly two types of water dispensers with refrigeration functions. One is that of vapor compression and the other is of electronic refrigeration.
The working principle of vapor compression refrigeration is the same as that of the refrigeration system of refrigerator air-conditioning. The compressor drives the refrigerant to circulate in the system pipeline, and the continuous phase change realizes the transfer of heat from one area to another, thereby realizing it. The temperature drops in an area. Electronic refrigeration realizes heat transfer by energizing the refrigeration sheet.

What is the cooling principle of the water dispenser?
Ordinary water dispensers are cooled by semiconductor refrigeration elements, and some high-end water dispensers are refrigerated by compressors. At present, most of them are refrigerated by semiconductor refrigeration elements. Low-end drinking fountains have no refrigeration equipment, and cold water flows directly from the drinking bucket.
The electronic refrigeration of the water dispenser uses the ice bladder of the semiconductor electronic refrigeration as the refrigeration source.
The ice tank uses a water inlet and a water outlet on the parting line, a square cooling fan on the rear side, and a circuit control board. Its advantages, high price, low price, no noise, no pollution, so that the cost of drinking fountains will be greatly reduced, and it occupies a considerable share of the market for medium and low-end drinking fountains.

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