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Healthy drinking water small method

“Drinking more water, drinking more water, drinking more water” said three important things, but no one told us how to drink? The boiled water is too odorless, it is really not enough to drink, and the drink is afraid of more sugar and high calories. Don't worry, let's arrange a day's drinking timetable and what time to drink.

A cup of water wakes up in the morning

In the morning when you are groggy and want to wake up and sleep, let a glass of water wake up in the morning. As the water slowly flows through every corner of the body, the energetic cells will have the strength to start a new day.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning, when the stomach is on duty, the first cup of water flows through the gastrointestinal tract, which can clean the digestive tract, activate the gastrointestinal tract cells, replenish the water lost by the body the night before, and dilute it. Gradually thick blood, let the body wake up from the inside out.
Warm water - the best morning water

Water is the source of life, and it is the real choice to drink the warm white water in the first cup of the morning.

First of all, it has no calories and can be directly absorbed and utilized by the body without digestion. In addition, choose warm water, the water temperature is close to or slightly higher than our body temperature, and it has a warming effect on the internal organs, which can maintain the circulation and the intestinal tract smoothly.

Lemonade - a good partner for detoxification

Cut a slice of fresh lemon and bring a hot lemonade on an empty stomach with a fresh, sweet taste.

Lemonade is not only a good body acid-base balance agent but also a natural diuretic. It can let the body's toxins excrete with the urine, promote gastrointestinal motility and help discharge the detoxification and clearing the intestines.
Drink a cup of water for a good night's sleep

It has always been said that you should not drink water at night. It means that you should avoid drinking water after 10 pm to prevent edema on the next day, and avoid drinking too much water so that your body organs can not run at low speed during sleep, which affects the quality of sleep. If you need to drink water, it will be just an hour before the bedtime is expected to be a "water stop".

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