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Home central water purifier

You can refer to the following several important indicators for purchase: [there are many types and covers, please read patiently, after all, a water purifier is related to your family's health]
First look at the filter element: it is the core of any water purifier. The quality of the filter element directly affects the purification index of the water purifier, which can not be denied.
First of all - let's focus on whether the filter element can filter impurities to make the water look clearer (it can be said that any water purifier can do it, but the effect of different filtering methods is quite different). Generally speaking, it is divided into two categories, no matter how good the name of the business is.
Filter membrane: the market is also full of all kinds of famous filter membrane, ppcotton, etc.; in fact, the only function is to filter impurities with a certain specification or above.
Reverse osmosis: the most common on the market, 99% filtration rate as its biggest selling point;

The disadvantage is that it is too clean (there is no mineral beneficial to human body [it is not recommended for adults to drink for a long time, and it is forbidden for infants, babies and the elderly); and it cannot filter bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms) and the filtering speed is slow
By the way, Science Popularization: application scope of reverse osmosis: preparation of space water, purified water, distilled water, etc.; water for alcohol manufacturing and degree reduction; preliminary preparation of water for medicine, electronics and other industries; concentration, separation, purification and water distribution preparation of chemical process; desalination of boiler make-up water, demineralized soft water; desalination of seawater and brackish water; water and wastewater treatment for papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing, food and other industries ; advanced treatment of urban sewage.
Second, pay attention to whether the filter element can filter the peculiar smell and improve the taste (any water purifier equipped with activated carbon can do it, but the different structure of filter element leads to huge difference in effect, life and price)
Granular activated carbon filter element: it can remove the peculiar smell in a short time, but it will be washed out of the water channel and lose the filtering effect after a long time; the disadvantage is that the service life is uncertain (the user should not know until the filter element loses the purification ability)
High density activated carbon: long service life; massive structure, no water channel; disadvantages are complex production, high price (100 times higher than that of equal weight granular activated carbon) due to patent protection (resulting in high production cost).

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