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How long can the filter element of household water purifier generally be used

The use time of different types of filter elements is different. For example, the recommended replacement period of PP PP melt blown filter element is 6 months, granular activated carbon filter element is 9 months, sintered activated carbon filter element is 1 year, and ultrafiltration membrane filter element is 2 years.
It's best to choose a water purifier with the function of "intelligent multi-stage filter element replacement prompt". It can bring long-term high-quality drinking water and safety guarantee. As the core part of the water purifier, the status of the reverse osmosis filter directly affects the quality of the effluent, so regular replacement is essential. In order to ensure the effect of water purification and prevent secondary pollution, the filter element of the water purifier shall be replaced on time according to the total water purification of the rated effluent.

As for the water purifier products with the same filtering method, due to different specifications and filter elements, there are also corresponding quality differences. When purchasing, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions, pay attention to the parameters such as the purified water flow, rated total purified water volume, applicable water pressure, main filtering substances, etc., and select the products with high brand and performance price ratio in combination with the service life and sales price, considering the cost of replacing filter elements and other factors.

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