How to choose water purifier? After reading this article, I am no longer confused!


Although it is said that you drink water every day, do […]

Although it is said that you drink water every day, do you really know how to drink water? Besides drinking eight glasses of water every day and drinking more water when you are sick and uncomfortable, have you ever paid attention to water quality safety? In fact, water purifier is now the standard equipment of many families, but many people do not know how to choose a water purifier and buy a water purifier that is not suitable for their own family, May not only not guarantee the safety of water quality, but also not comfortable to use.

Now the common water purifiers on the market are roughly divided into the following three types: activated carbon water purifier, ultrafiltration water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier. The main difference of these types of water purifiers is reflected in the water purification technology. The four common water purification technologies are microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO).

Microfiltration: the filtration precision of water is 0.1-50 μ m, mainly using ppcotton filter core and activated carbon filter core as filter core. It can filter out sand and rust, which is not fine enough. It can only do simple coarse filtration, which is not suitable for our daily life.
Ultrafiltration: the filtration precision of water is 1 nm-0.1 μ m, mainly using polymer ultrafiltration membrane. On the basis of microfiltration, bacteria, small impurities and some macromolecular organic matters in water can be filtered out, but it can not filter more fine heavy metal ions.

Nanofiltration: its water purification is a pressure driven membrane separation process, which can filter out some substances with small molecular weight, such as some heavy metal ions, pesticide and chemical residues in water.
Reverse osmosis: 0.1 nanometer filtration precision can almost purify all kinds of impurities in the water. The final water purity is relatively high, but some minerals needed by human body are also purified.

So, how to choose a water purifier is not so difficult? Generally, when choosing a water purifier, which water purification technology will be selected according to the water quality. If there are more sand and large particles in the water, the water purifier with pre filter should be selected, so as to better protect the water Hardware and water appliances. If you are in the area where heavy industry is relatively developed and industrial pollution is serious, RO water purifier is very necessary to filter out the harmful heavy metal ions. In addition, RO water purifier can also improve the hard water quality and taste better after filtration. As for the areas with good environmental protection and no pollution, ultrafiltration can be used.

In addition, the family structure is also a point to consider when purchasing water purifier. For families with large population and fast water demand, they should not only have enough water output, but also ensure that the water consumption is not too high and the operation is not too complicated.

The appearance is a very simple box design, which does not take up too much space, and it is also beautiful. Then, it has polypropylene ppcotton + RO membrane + high-quality activated carbon triple filtration, basically can remove the impurities in the water. The 600g water purification specification is enough for four generations of the same family to use. The purified water volume is also very high, so it will not waste too much tap water.

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