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Little knowledge of drinking water equipment

Straight drinking water equipment features:

1. Convenience: use drinking water from a straight drinking fountain, no need for manual care, convenient drinking water, clean and hygienic, easy to operate, stylish drinking water and so on.

2. Practical: It has the characteristics of low noise, safe and reliable, durable and energy-saving, economical, and inexpensive.

3. Aesthetics: As a fashionable electric appliance, the straight drinking fountain has a luxurious and elegant appearance and is convenient to display. It plays a finishing touch to the halls of your home and public places.

Direct drinking water equipment application areas:

At present, direct drinking water equipment has been used in homes, companies, shopping malls, banks, offices, office buildings, guest houses, conference rooms and hotel rooms, bars, karaoke halls and other places. It can be said to be a household name.

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