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Maintenance of ultrafiltration water purifier

The water purifier has become a kitchen appliance with a high frequency of use. It can effectively filter harmful impurities in the water and bring safe drinking water. If it is not kept properly, it may be counterproductive and cause secondary pollution.
So how do we change our maintenance of our water purifier?

1. Replace the filter element in time
In the process of using the water purifier, the filter element should be replaced in time according to the use time of each filter element and the local water quality and water consumption. For example, the recommended use time of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane of the kitchen water purifier is 2-3 years. The PP cotton core of the direct drinking water purifier is 3-6 months, the granular carbon and sintered carbon is 6-9 months, the ultrafiltration membrane is about two years, and the coconut shell carbon is about one year. When purchasing a water purifier, you can ask about the usage time and replacement method of each filter element.
2. Installation location
When using the ultrafiltration water purifier, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because the sun will breed blue-green algae, and the water purifier must be installed in a cool place.
3. Correctly clean the water purifier
Kitchen water purifiers can generally choose positive and backwashing. Stainless steel (pipeline) water purifiers can be flushed once every three days, and backwashed once every 7 days. The household water purifiers are regularly flushed according to the usage. When using the water purifier overnight, it should be flushed when in use, and the water inlet valve should be closed when traveling on business or out, and flushed before going home for use.

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