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Talking about the health of drinking water, what are the functions of water purifiers?

The issue of drinking water health has always attracted the attention of the society. Due to the impact of environmental pollution, many household water is at risk. Bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc. in the water can cause gastrointestinal infections, resulting in stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc. This is a minor hazard, and more serious pollutants such as antibiotics and chemical elements may cause mutations to cells and the growth of cancer cells when people drink it. According to the current statistics, more than 80% of cancer patients are related to drinking water health. Therefore, paying attention to drinking water health is a very important issue at present.

So are water purifiers useful for healthy drinking water? Due to the relatively short development time of water purifiers, many people do not know enough about water purifiers, and even doubt whether water purifiers can maintain the health of household water. The principle of the water purifier is to use the filter element to filter and use the RO ultrafiltration membrane, which can effectively remove the heavy metals, chemicals, antibiotics and other pollutants in the water, and has a good effect on the water filtration. Some people have done such an experiment, pour a bottle of ink into water, and then filter the black water contaminated by ink with a water purifier. The filtered water is crystal clear and has no peculiar smell, and can be drunk immediately. The water quality measured with DTS pen falls within the range of absolutely safe drinking standards. Therefore, for the safety and health prevention of household water, it is very necessary to install a water purifier.

Healthy drinking water in the family has a great relationship with the health of the family. For this reason, it is recommended that a water purifier should be installed when conditions permit. Although domestic water may not be polluted very much at present, sudden pollution incidents often come unexpectedly and catch you off guard. For example, the “Milk River” incident in Yunnan and the “river turning red overnight” in Wenzhou, etc., are all sudden pollution incidents with huge pollution. Moreover, in the process of domestic water use, secondary pollution is often caused by pipeline problems. Therefore, it is recommended to install water purifiers to maintain domestic water use, which is a problem worthy of attention.

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