What are the factors that affect the service life of the filter element?


The purification ability of a water purifier depends to […]

The purification ability of a water purifier depends to a large extent on the quality of the water purification filter element. Therefore, when purchasing a water purification filter element, you must not be too concerned about the price of the product and ignore the quality of the filter element. You should choose a perfect after-sales service. Purchased by manufacturers and water purifier agents with sanitary approvals and patented technology, the purification effect of the water purifier is good, which is our favorite.

In order to ensure safe domestic water, many households have installed water purifiers. The filter element plays an important role in the water purifier. Usually, the filtering effect and water flow of the household water purifier will gradually become smaller after a period of use, which requires replacement of the filter element. So, what are the factors that affect the service life of the filter element? The following editor will take everyone to take a look.

1. The type of filter element

  Currently, there are many types of household water purifier filter elements, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane, etc. When we buy a household water purifier, we should choose according to our own needs and local water quality. However, different types of water purifier filter elements have different replacement cycles, generally between 6 months and 3 years.

2. Water quality

The water quality of different water sources and areas has different effects on the life of the water purifier filter element. In some places, the water quality is very good, so the replacement cycle of the filter element will be relatively prolonged. On the contrary, if the water quality in the place where you live is poor, then , Maybe you need to replace the filter element of the water purifier more frequently to ensure the health of your drinking water.

3. Use intensity

  No matter what kind of water purifier you are using, the frequency of use is one of the most important indicators that determine the frequency of filter replacement. You must know that the filtering capacity of any filter element has its limit. When a filter element reaches the saturation point, it must be replaced. This is even more important for a water purifier without a sewage outlet. Otherwise, the water flowing out of the water purifier will even be polluted again, which is not as good as tap water. Therefore, the water purifier with high intensity (frequency) needs to be replaced regularly.

4. Product quality

  The replacement cycle of high-quality filter elements is usually much longer than that of low-quality products. In recent years, the higher profits of household water purifiers have attracted many manufacturers to put into production one after another, which has also led to the uneven quality of household water purifiers. Some manufacturers spend more energy on hype concepts when producing and selling water purifiers, but the actual purification effect is very limited. In order to reduce the production cost of the main unit and filter element of the water purifier, some manufacturers use relatively low-cost materials, so they cannot guarantee the quality of their water purification. The service life of such filter elements will be much shorter and easier. Being polluted twice is more dangerous for people to drink.

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