What is RO reverse osmosis membrane in water purifier?


With the continuous improvement of people's requirement […]

With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for drinking water quality, various water purification equipment emerge one after another, entering thousands of households. Among them, RO reverse osmosis water purifier has unique advantages and is more popular with consumers. This is because the RO membrane in the reverse osmosis water purifier can remove various impurities in the water, further treat the water quality, and improve the taste of water quality to ensure the health of water quality. So what is RO reverse osmosis membrane?
As early as 1950, American scientist Dr. s. sourirajan dissected a thin film in the body of seagulls and found that the film was very precise. Under the action of pressure, water molecules penetrate through the membrane and transform into fresh water, while the seawater with impurities and high concentration of salt is vomited out of the mouth by seagulls. Therefore, this layer of mucosal tissue in the throat of seagulls is the earliest prototype of reverse osmosis.

Ro is the abbreviation of reverse osmosis in English, which means reverse osmosis in Chinese. The principle is that water permeates from high concentration to low concentration after being pressurized. Membrane separation and filtration technology is driven by osmotic pressure difference. The pore size of RO membrane is very small, as small as 0.00001 μ M. only water molecules and a few mineral ions can pass through the RO membrane. Other inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matters, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities are discharged from the wastewater pipeline.
Reverse osmosis filtration technology originated from the research in the field of aerospace, mainly used to solve the problem of water use for astronauts. Therefore, the water treated by reverse osmosis in the past is also called space water, and RO membrane is called high-tech "artificial kidney". Subsequently, the technology gradually turned to civilian use. At present, RO membrane is used for polymer filtration in medicine, military, video, scientific research, seawater desalination and other fields at home and abroad.

With the increasingly mature technology, RO reverse osmosis water purifier has gradually entered thousands of households, becoming a new favorite of household water safety. It can realize direct drinking, change the traditional drinking way, and greatly improve people's quality of life.
Many reverse osmosis water purifiers have 75g, 100g, 600g and so on. These are actually determined by the RO membrane filter element. The larger the number is, the larger the RO membrane volume equipped with the water purifier is, the higher the average water production capacity is, and the faster the effluent is.
Generally speaking, the RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element is placed in the fourth or fifth stage of the water purifier, and its service life will be longer than that of other filter elements. This is because the former several filter elements filter the impurities of large particles and protect the RO membrane filter element to a certain extent. However, in the use of water purifier, it is necessary to form the habit of timely replacement of filter element, so as to ensure the health of water quality, extend the service life of RO membrane, and save the cost of replacing filter element as a whole.

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