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Why do we need a water purifier? —Scale articles

After boiling the kettle for a long time, a thick layer of "scale" will grow on the inner wall, also called "water alkali". This phenomenon shows that there are impurities in the water that looks clear and clear.
1. What is scale
Tap water or well water, when the state of the water changes (such as heating), the dissolved calcium and magnesium ions in the water and some acid ions form an insoluble compound or mixture whose main component is "calcium carbonate", and The main components of scale are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Scale usually exists in the form of crystals, which are hard and difficult to remove once formed. So what are the dangers of limescale?

2. the harm of scale to human health
Scale has serious harm to human health. Specifically, it is mainly manifested in:
It is easy to cause disorders of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, as well as diseases of the urinary system, such as constipation. Tartar and periodontitis are also related to scale to some extent.
Secondly, when the scale is cemented, a large amount of heavy metal ions are often attached. If the container is used to hold drinking water, there is a risk of excessive heavy metal ions being dissolved in the drinking water.

3. How to solve the scale problem?

Households should use water purifiers to solve the problem of scale, so that not only will there be no hard-to-remove scale on the container, but also unsightly water stains on porcelain and glass, and the key point is that drinking water in the stomach will not pose a health threat.

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