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How to choose a commercial water dispenser

The commercial straight drinking fountain is a direct drinking water device placed in a public area. It is used in a wider range than ordinary water dispensers. It is usually used in public places such as schools, hospitals, stations, airports, etc., because commercial water dispensers are more common than ordinary water. The furnace has great advantages, so it is very popular. It belongs to energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. It saves energy and energy by up to 80%. So how to choose a commercial water dispenser, let's take a look at it.
In the section on the classification of water dispensers, we have stated that the water dispenser is divided into three types: warm, ice, and ice. The ice-heated and ice-heated water coolers are divided into semiconductor refrigeration water dispensers and compressor refrigeration. Drinking fountains are two.

Warm water dispensers are the cheapest, but there are very few people now choosing them, generally choosing ice heat and ice warming products. It is enough for ordinary households to purchase ice-cold and ice-heating water dispensers for semiconductor refrigeration. In the case of group companies, institutions, conference rooms, office buildings, offices, bars, karaoke halls, etc., there is a need to purchase compressors. Refrigerating water dispenser. Because compressor refrigeration is much faster than semiconductor refrigeration, there is more ice water supply than the latter. And from a noise point of view, the compressor-cooled water dispenser is not suitable for a quieter home.

In terms of price performance, the cost of the refrigerating water dispenser is much higher than that of the semiconductor refrigerating machine, so the price is generally 2-3 times that of the semiconductor refrigerating water dispenser, so the semiconductor cooling type ice heat and ice are in terms of price. The warm water dispenser is also more suitable for personal use.

For the same function of the water dispenser, we can also see both desktop and vertical models. If the home space is not big enough, the desktop water dispenser may be more suitable for you, and the vertical water dispenser needs to occupy more room space. It should also be noted that the desktop water dispenser is more susceptible to noise due to the desktop water dispenser being placed on the table top and the countertop.

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