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How to choose household water purifier?

In fact, several major aspects should be considered in the selection of water purifier, namely ppcotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, RO reverse osmosis. These professional terms need not be afraid to understand. Anyway, I can't understand them. Let me analyze them for you! In fact, it is not necessary to buy the highest precision water purifier. Corresponding water purification equipment should be selected according to different water quality problems and different water quality requirements.

Different water purifiers can be selected according to different purposes: kitchen water / drinking water: the most thorough filtering bath / washing water is needed: soft water is needed for daily cleaning water: coarse filtration can make the water purifier market brand complex, which brand is good, we can start from the big brand first, if it is not familiar with the brand, we must check the water purifier Test report and qualification certificate, to see whether the brand has the health license endorsed by the State Department, whether it has passed the appraisal of the Ministry of technical supervision, and whether it conforms to the national standard for drinking water quality.

This is necessary to ensure that regular water purifiers are purchased. In fact, water purifier water purifier, is not the filter element more high price on the better. Its sex price comparison is based on the adaptability of water purifier and local water quality, as well as the technical quality of filter materials of water purifier. The combined price of the two is the highest sex price comparison of water purifier products.

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