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RO reverse osmosis membrane

RO (Reverse Osmosis) reverse osmosis is a kind of purified water machine (also known as terminal water purification equipment) which can be directly drinkable by human beings by filtering raw water (physical method) without adding any compound. Municipal tap water with water quality in line with the Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water Quality (2001) of the Ministry of Health of China is used as raw water. The raw water is pre-filtered by two activated carbon filters (one granular activated carbon, one sintered activated carbon) and one PPF solution-spraying filter. The pre-filtered water is then pressured to pass through a pore size of 10,000 cents. One micron RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane is used to produce pure water by adjusting the acidity and alkalinity of water (making the purified water taste sweet and mellow) through silver-loaded activated carbon (also known as small T33) which is made of fruit shell (coconut shell).

Compared with barreled water, RO reverse osmosis purified water is newer, healthier and safer. It has a wide range of uses: it can be drinked raw or boiled. The most prominent feature of RO reverse osmosis purified water is no longer scaling in kettles or thermos. Pure water is used for cooking, more sanitary and tastier. It can remove impurities on the skin, moisturize the skin, and have the effect of natural beauty. It can provide water for small household appliances such as humidifiers, steam irons, beauty machines, and so on. There will never be unpleasant scales. Ice cubes made with ice maker are crystal clear and odorless.

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