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Water Cooler - What Type of Water Cooler Is Right For You?

If you don't have a water cooler at home, you're missing out on an easy way to get a fresh supply of chilled and hot water. Water coolers come in a variety of styles, with some models incorporating built-in storage and other features.
Countertop and top-loading units are good for smaller groups that need a steady supply of water. Often, they come with a night light and leak detector. They also have push paddles for cold and hot water.
Bottle-less coolers are environmentally friendly. Many newer machines incorporate a removable reservoir. This allows the unit to be sanitized quickly and easily. Some have cooling coils on the external tank surface for better cooling.
Most modern dispensers also have a sensor that counts the number of single-use plastic bottles saved. In some cases, the dispenser even displays the amount of water that has been saved.
A bottom-loading system is also a good option for those who have physical limitations. It's less of a hassle to move the jug than a top-mount unit, and it takes up a lot less room.
Point-of-use coolers are more environmentally friendly because they use the building's water source. These systems only need to be installed once. However, they do require filter replacements from time to time.

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