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Water purifier home which good?    1. Water purifier, i […]

Water purifier home which good?
   1. Water purifier, imported non-woven fabric, ultrafiltration membrane, imported coconut shell activated carbon composite filtration design, can effectively filter out the bacteria in the water, as well as chlorine, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances. The external water pot can also avoid drinking water with excessive heavy metals. To ensure the purification effect of direct drinking water or integrated design can prevent secondary pollution.
Ultrafiltration machine: ultrafiltration water purifier can effectively remove sediment, suspended solids, rust, bacteria, colloid and some macromolecular organic matters in water, and can effectively retain some beneficial minerals and trace elements. It has the advantages of long service life of filter element, large water yield, no need to add power and pressure, and has low cost compared with other purification equipment, so it is suitable for domestic water purification. The major disadvantage is that there is no removal of heavy metals and organic pollutants.
Ceramic filter water purifier: this kind of water purifier adopts the plug-in ceramic filter core, which has large water output and can meet the demand of kitchen water. The membrane pore of double control membrane ceramic filter element with high precision of 0.1 μ m is much smaller than bacteria, so that bacteria can be completely isolated outside the filter element, but water can pass through and retain beneficial minerals and trace elements in water. At the same time, the water purifier will not produce secondary pollution in the process of use, and is not afraid of blockage, so as to realize the terminal water purification function. The disadvantage is that the service life of the filter element is relatively short and the water output is small.

How to use water purifier?
   1. In case of any abnormality or ambiguity during the use of the product, call the regional sales service center or customer service in time. After use, it is necessary to keep the ultrafiltration membrane element in a wet state. If the ultrafiltration membrane element dries, the water production will drop sharply and cannot be recovered.
The service life of the water purifier can be effectively extended by washing the water purifier regularly. With the long-term use of the water purifier, its water production will gradually decline, but the water quality is still qualified, which can be used safely.
3. When the water purifier breaks down, the water inlet valve of the tap water should be closed immediately and the water inlet of the water purifier should be cut off. Please do not disassemble it by yourself. If the water purifier is not used for more than three days, the water purifier should be repeatedly flushed 2-5 until the water in the water purifier is exhausted. When the tap water is cut off, first turn on the sewage tap to drain the sediment and rust in the water pipe, and then turn on the purification tap to use purified water.
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